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What We Do
The Yellow Fish Group provides a deal origination & deal management process for its clients and partners. We're a small (on-purpose), specialized mergers and acquisitions team located in Boulder, Colorado with a particular interest in the construction & contractor space. We offer guaranteed confidentiality, complimentary market valuations, fast decisions and superior, personalized service you just won't get from the bigger firms. Our team's core focus is helping well run, owner managed "construction services companies and contractors" sell, merge or finance growth.  Internally, we also offer a commercial finace broker capability and originate commercial loans, mortgages and equipment leases for our partners and clients.

Yellow Fish operates as an independent M&A Transaction Broker and does not represent either the buyer or seller as a fiduciary agent. Rather, we work strategically and confidentially with our clients to source suitable acquistion targets and arrange an initial introduction. And we only earn a fee if there is a successful transaction.  If you're a business owner with at least $500,000 in sales and would entertain an offer to purchase, a merger, an investment or a loan we should talk.

You can read more about our company's core values.. Here  

Sell Your Construction & Contractor Business for a Good Price
We want to hear from principals about construction related businesses that meet the following criteria

1) At least $500,000 in Annual Revenue
2) Management in Place or Available
(we can't supply it) *
3) A Quality "In-Demand" Product or Service
4) An Independent Operation (not a franchise) 
5) Flat or Declining Sales OK *
6) Doubtful Accounts Receivable OK *
7) Product Warranty or Liability Issues OK *
8) Share Purchase or Asset Sale OK 
9) In Business at Least 5 Years
10) Willing to Sell, Merge or Sell Equity 
(and you know your number)*

The Yellow Fish Group and its clients are actively seeking direct acquisition, merger and investment opportunities
in the construction services & contractor space. 
We will also consider any sector on a case-by-case basis if the opportunity makes sense
(please refer to the list below for the business types we are actively looking to acquire, invest or help finance)

 Let's Connect
We'd love to chat and see if we might be a good fit for your financial goals. 
Please give us a call today and lets see what we can do for your business

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Types of Construction & Contractor Businesses  
We Want to Buy, Merge, Invest or Finance

Environmental Remediation
Hazardous Materials Cleanup
Disaster Response Contractors
Restoration & Rebuild Contractors
Property & Casualty Vendors
Cleaning & Decontamination

General Building Contractors
Building Maintenance
Home Services & Remodeling
Construction Technology
Custom Home Builders
Construction Equipment

Government Contractors
Infrastructure Construction
Industrial Construction
Windows and Siding Sales
Building Materials 
..and related/ancillary 

Sell Your Contractor Business
For Maximum Money in Minimum Time 

A Business Sale is often the culmination of one's life work and a big financial decision for the owner.  It doesn't usually happen overnight. Our aim is to quitely, quickly and efficently bring your transaction together.

With our solution, you can keep doing what you do and we'll position and present your opportunity through our nationwide relationships with buyers and investors.   

Our Selling Process

Step 1. Complimentary Seller Consultation
We meet by phone, in-person or online and discuss your objectives

Step 2. Pick a Track----Internal vs Open Market Sale  
Internal introductions are made directly to YFG clients. Open Market introductions are confidentially made to outside buyers

Step 3. Share Financials & Determine Value
We'll sign an NDA if requested by you. Review your company's historical financials and propose a value range. If it's close to what you're thinking we can move forward otherwise we probably aren't the firm for you
Step 4. Track 1-Confidentially Introduce to our Clients Internally 
We create a few pages of company details (ie. executive summary)- enough to spark interest with prospects. We'll ask buyers to sign an NDA and review the executive summary. If buyer indicates a value range close to seller's expectation we will connect the parties for more detailed Q&A in both directions, to determine cultural fit and any dealbreakers.

Step 5. Track 2-Confidentially Introduce to the Open Market 
Together we define a successful engagement, agree on a finders fee and sign an engagment letter. Next we'll create an Offering memorandum for Buyers to read. Finally we'll contact prospective buyers and post the opportunity as appropriate

Step 6. Negotiate Terms /LOI  
Generally requires several rounds of negotiation to arrive at agreeable terms

Step 7. Cordinate Due Diligence & Buyer Financing  
YFG works with the buyer’to coordinate efforts for legal, financial, and operational due diligence, necessary to close the transaction

Step 8. Negotiate Final Agreement  
Final closing documents are written to complete the transaction

Step 9. Close Transaction and Transition Ownership
At Closing, you'll sign the paperwork and complete the deal and YFG we'll assist with any post-closing adjustments if needed  

Interested in Buying a 
Successful Construction or Contractor Business?

Yellow Fish works with private investors and existing businesses looking to aquire profitable contractor and construction related businesses. We have a range of services to help qualified buyers locate willing sellers of desirable construction enterprises. 

We love helping sellers along the way, but buying a business is no small task, and sourcing deals for buyers is where we stand out. We provide a proactive, tailored and highly focused search process to generate multiple exclusive deals that other buyers aren't looking at  

Our Buying Process

Step 1. Complimentary Buyer Consultation  
We meet by phone, in-person or online and discuss your objectives

 Step 2.  Conduct List Research
We use your criteria to search company databases for possible matches

Step 3. Determine Scope & Sign Engagement Letter  
Together we specify deliverables and finders fee structure

Step 4. Narrow Down Prospect Pool to Best Targets  
Our researcher assembles, filters and produces a best prospects list

Step 5. Contact & Qualify Target Companies  
We cold call, email and send letters to prospects and ask for referrals from within our network

Step 6. Collect & Review Financials of Sellers  
We assess, value and pre-qualify the deal prior to introducing the opportunity to you so you won't waste time w/ unserious sellers

Step 7. Determine Feasability of Deal
We'll try to determine early on whether our value range is in the same ball park as the seller, and if not we move on quickly. 

Step 8. Submit Term Sheet /LOI  
Generally requires several rounds of negotiation to arrive at agreeable terms

Step 9. Complete Due Diligence & Secure Financing  
We assist clients as requested in coordinating all aspects of performing and completing due diligence and securing financing, necessary to close the transaction

Step 10. Negotiate Final Agreement  
Final closing documents are written to complete the transaction

Step 11. Close and Transition Ownership
At Closing, you'll sign the paperwork and complete the deal and we'll assist with any post-closing adjustments if needed  

Managing Partner

Jeremy Haster is Managing Partner of the Yellow Fish Group. He is a business owner, investor and finance strategist with over 18 years of business experience. The Yellow Fish Group is actively seeking direct acquisition, investment or merger opportunities of contractor & construction related businesses nationwide and will consider other business types on a case-by-case basis if the opportunity makes sense.

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