Company Values, Vision and Mission Statement

What We Do

The Yellow Fish Group specializes in helping well run owner managed small to medium size businesses connect with suitable buyers, investors and lenders within our network.  If you're a business owner with generating at least 1 million in annual revenues and would entertain an offer to purchase, an investment or a loan we should talk. 

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Company Values

Operate with honor and integrity and work diligently and wisely to deliver for our investors, partners and clients. 

Our 12 Core Values

1. Faith

2. Family

3. Honesty

4. Integrity

5. Service

6. Teamwork

7. Courage

8. Accountability

9. Ownership

10. Personal Growth

11. Belief in People

12. Celebrate Successes

Company Vision

Build long lasting, successful relationships with our investors, partners and clients. Be easy to do business with whenever possible and be a reliable and trustworthy trading partner that delivers on its promises.


Company Mission Statement

Deliver excellent returns for our investors, partners and clients.

Company Culture

Develop and support good people and see them succeed. Create Win-Win Scenarios. Deliver on our company's 12 core values, vision and mission to the marketplace. Help each other be more successful.  Provide a positive/flexible work environment that encourages learning, personal growth and individual success. Belief that "Anything Is Possible! 

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