Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why deal with The Yellow Fish Group?

Answer: The Yellow Fish Group is a small, specialized construction & contractor focused M&A team and investor. We work on the buy-side with a select group of acquirers including (successful individuals, private equity buyers, and existing companies pursuing an acquisition strategy) to find them quality business opportunities to buy, partner or invest in. Our targeted deal size is companies generating between $250,000-5 million in annual net income.  If we've reached out to you then that means your business was identified as a possible acquisition opportunity.   If you're the owner of a construction services or contractor company and are open to talking about selling, merging or growing your business we should definitely talk. 

Construction & Contractor businesses we are looking to merge,  acquire or collaberate with include:

1) Environmental Remediation & Hazmat Waste

2) Disaster Response

3) Restoration & Rebuild

d) Building Maintenance 

e) Home Services

f) Construction Technology

g) Infrastructure & Industrial Construction 
h) General Building Contractors

i) Property & Casualty Vendors

j) Government Contractors 

k) Custom Home Builders

l) Building Materials Manufacturers

m) Construction Equipment Manufacturers 

n) Cleaning and Decontamination

m) ...and related or ancillary services

Question: What in-house capabilities do you offer your business "acquirer" clients

Answer: Yellow Fish is a full-service acquirer's M&A firm. We professionally offer you targeted and exclusive deal flow, vetting, qualified seller introductions, advisory, business valuations, financial modeling, due diligence, financing, and closing support services. Our exclusive buyer's program is custom tailored to your specific goals and needs and is designed to be concierge and turnkey. And our free customized search program will find off-market deals for you based on your specific criteria and objectives.  

Question: What types of business financing can you secure for my business?

Answer: Yellow Fish originates business and commercial real estate loans nationwide.  Our loan brokerage service gives you access to an exclusive network of specialty commercial lenders active in the market right now.  We originate asset based loans in the following categories - accounts receivable financing (invoice and factoring), machinery, equipment and vehicle loans and leasing, Inventory financing, commercial real estate loans, business acquisition and/or restructuring loans and hard money loans. Our loan programs are designed to facilitate an acquisition, fund growth or refinance your business's existing debts. Our lending partners want to say Yes when the bankers say no (whenever possible) and will consider just about any business funding scenario on an opportunistic basis if the deal makes sense. For more information about business financing please click here

Question: Do you charge any upfront fees to take a Business or CRE loan application?

Answer: No we don't ask for any upfront fees to take a loan application. We only get paid an origination fee if your loan is approved.  The only cost you will have prior to loan approval is after we complete an initial review of your loan application we will request a small credit report fee of $75 per applicant to cover the cost of running business and personal credit and preparing the loan file for packaging and lender submission but that is it. Depending on your loan type, purpose and size, some of our lending partners may require specific due diligence fees following an initial review and showing of interest by them (ie: appraisal of collateral, site visit, etc) to move forward with the funding process, which can be addressed at that time.  

Question: I'm a business owner that's interested in selling if you can bring me an agreeable offer. In the event my company doesn't meet your existing client's buying criteria, can you still help me find a suitable buyer or perhaps confidentially list my business for sale?

Answer: Our core focus is mergers, acquisitions and equity investments. Because we only operate as a transactions broker and not in a fiduciary role, we do not actively solicit business listings from sellers. We only work with sellers on a non-exclusive basis and primarily serve as a sourcing agent for several of our private investor and managed fund clients looking to buy established/successful businesses. However, if your business doesn't fit our partnership or clients portfolio needs at this time but we think your business might be a perfect fit for another buyer within our extended network, we would certainly entertain a deal specific engagement/introduction agreement with you. 

Question: Yellow Fish is located in Boulder, Colorado. Do you do business outside of Colorado?

Answer: Yes! Yellow Fish originates business and CRE loans nationwide. Our business acquirers, investors and partners also seek quality business acquisitions anywhere in the United States, UK, Australia, and Canada. Our buying preference is for established company's doing at least 1 million in annual revenue with a history of relatively stable cash-flows, low debt and assets. We also offer special disposition programs for businesses generating at least 1 million in annual net income. 

Question: What is your Process for getting my loan Successfully Approved?

Answer: Our Simple 5 Step Loan Approval Process

Step 1. Email or call us with your loan scenario (just a basic summary and loan amount requested).

Step 2. Complete a loan application (we'll send you our form(s)

Step 3. If the loan looks doable, we'll ask you to sign our contingent fee agreement 

Step 4. Next we'll get to work sourcing suitable funding and seek preliminary expressions of interest/term sheets from our lending partners.

Step 5. Finally we'll communicate to you the feedback we've received from our lenders regarding your loan request and if you like what you see, you'll move forward with the best lender in completing their required final steps to finish processing, approving and funding your loan. Congratulations!! You're funded

Question: How quickly will you get back to me after I call or email you with a deal or questions?

Answer: Client satisfaction is out #1  priority.  We are a boutique firm with a small dedicated team that is committed to providing you the very best customer service and experience.  It is our goal to reply within 24hrs (or sooner if possible) of receiving any communication from you. 

Question:  Will all communication between us be 100% confidential. I want to make sure anything we talk about stays quiet (especially from any media, vendors, customers, competitors or employees). 

Answer: YES absolutely!.. We understand how sensitive these discussions can be and will maintain your utmost confidentiality. We will also sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with you upon request for further comfort and to show good faith. 

Questions? Call Today 720-464-9106 and speak directly with our managing principal Jeremy Haster in confidence or send him an email to:  Jeremy[@] Lets connect and see how we might be able to work successfully together and help you achieve your business goals for the year!

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