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"Types of Financing We Offer"

The Yellow Fish Group offers small to medium size construction businesses funding guidance, assurance and access to reputable sources of capital to help them grow and thrive, and at competitive market rates. We offer a turnkey funding solution and will professionally position, package and present your loan request to our lending partners, negotiate key terms for you and help you secure the financing your business needs to succeed and thrive in today's changing marketplace!

"We only get paid if your business gets FUNDED!"  You heard that right. We get paid nothing if your loan request doesn't get approved. We know reputable lenders that want to make loans and the types of loans and industries they like to finance. Working with Yellow Fish allows you to access and leverage our extensive network and established relationships at no risk or upfront cost to you.  Save yourself the stress and hassle of speaking with countless funding sources, numerous credit checks and sleepless nights and let us do the hard work for you and do it right. That way you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.  

We Originate Asset Based Loans (ABL) and only charge normal loan broker fees on completed loans. Industries served include: Franchises, Healthcare and Medical, Churches, Real Estate Investment, Manufacturing, Cannabis, Hotel and Hospitality, Restaurants, Commercial and Industrial 

.....Please read below for an overview of our available commercial loan programs

Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing is the #1 means of financing equipment in America today. No need to tie up capital. Leases offer Low monthly payments. Businesses of all types love to lease equipment to conserve their available cash. When money is conserved by leasing equipment, it can be used for other company needs (like increasing inventories, expanding sales, etc.). A lease is not a loan and it virtually eliminates obsolescence as the business always has the latest and greatest new equipment.

Many of our lending partners can offer you 100% financing, no down payment, and a wide range of approvals for A, B, C and D type credits, often with approvals in less than 24 hours.  Most financial institutions will not finance companies that are just getting into business. If your company has just started in business, or is in business for a short time usually less than two years, we can help you grow by financing the equipment you need to be successful.  Some of our niche programs can also fund equipment for you up to $150,000 (sometimes even $250,000+) with just a one page application with no required financials or tax returns. These are called “App Only” programs.  

We also offer Middle market financing up to $500,000 and Large ticket over $500,000 - these usually take 3-5 days+. Also you can get up to 84 months to repay with excellent rates. These programs are for companies established for two years or more.  We can also do Sale/Leasebacks on eligible existing equipment. 

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Sale/Leaseback Financing

Sale-leaseback financing is an awesome funding option. It can unlock the equity your business has in its existing assets (like machinery and equipment), and then convert that equity into cash for you. Big banks and local banks usually don’t offer this type of financing and 95% of businesses don’t even know this type of financing can be done. The good news is it can be done!  

Contact us today to see if we can arrange a sale/leaseback deal that works for you. 

Accounts Receivable (Factoring)

Interested in unlocking that cash tied up in your receivables.  This is not debt- you will actually be selling the asset. If you sell products or services on 30, 60, 90 day terms (sometimes even 120) we have a liquidity solution for you. We can even finance startups, businesses that are losing money and even those in bankruptcy because financing via factoring is based on your customers credit, not yours. With factoring you'll also essentially be able to outsource your accounts receivable department. This is possible because Factors provide several valuable services for you. They will check your customers’ credit for you and notify you of bad risks and they will also provide detailed monthly statements. Qualifying accounts can even get free credit insurance.  

In a nutshell, an invoice factor will buy from you "eligible" accounts receivables that you’re owed and then will take over collecting from your clients for you. With this type of financing -The factor will pay you a certain percentage of the total outstanding invoice amount upfront and then take responsibility for collecting the full amount from your customers directly. Once collected they’ll advance you the difference, keeping an agreed-upon percentage for their service fee. Thus your clients will deal with the factoring company to make their payment, not you.  

The only drawback to this solution (and the benefits tend to far outway the negatives for most companies) is that since you've now outsourced collection responsibilities to your factor, this type of financing is typically more expensive than traditional invoice financing (further described below). Because the factor accepts the risk that your customer might not pay the invoice, they charge more.  You'll also need to be okay with the factor speaking with your customers for payment. Most factors are vague as possible when communicating with your clients so it seems like they are a representative of your company when they contact your customers requesting payment.  

Other Benefits of factoring include:

  • You can get Cash in 24 Hours
  • There is No Personal Guarantees
  • We can Finance Any Type of Business w/ eligible receivables
  • There is No Recourse Even if the Account Does Not Pay
  • You get Credit Insurance on Your Clients At No Cost To You
  • There is No Arbitrary Loan Board Decisions, No Fixed Payments
  • When your Sales and Receivables Increase, so does your Funding 
  • You can free yourself to Focus On Your Business, Not Collections

Smart Business's Use The Money....

  • To Fund Payroll or Other Operating Expenses
  • To Purchase Inventory to Take Advantage of Bulk/Early Payment Discounts
  • To Fund Expansion and Growth Opportunities
  • To Respond to Seasonal Demands and Opportunities
  • To Take on Large New Accounts with Confidence

Factoring will be great for your business!!

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Accounts Receivable (Invoice Financing)- non-factoring

With non-factoring "Invoice finance", our lending partners will advance you a portion of your unpaid invoices (often 80% to 90% up front), in the form of a loan or line of credit. Once your client pays the invoice to you, you simply pay the lender back the amount borrowed plus the agreed upon lender fee and interest. Unlike with factoring, your business is still responsible for collecting outstanding money owed by your clients.

Contact us today to see if Invoice financing is the right funding solution for your business. 

Inventory Financing

Inventory financing is a great funding solution for you to consider if your business maintains large amounts of non-perishable inventory on hand. Basically this funding solution is a bank line of credit secured by your company’s inventory. This type of financing can help to free up much needed cash your business may have tied up in inventory. Some scenarios that would make this financing instrument a suitable option include.....your business may enjoy a high inventory turnover rate but is short of the cash needed to replenish its supply, or maybe your business has a warehouse of goods ready to ship, but is short of cash to buy needed supplies for your next production cycle. Finally, inventory financing is great for your business if it maintains high levels of inventory which ties up most of your business's cash.  30%-70% of your inventory value can often be leveraged. 

Get in touch with us today to see how an inventory line of credit might be the perfect solution for your business funding needs!

Commercial Real Estate Loans

At some point, most business owners need to finance or refinance the real estate that their business is located in or they'll simply need financing for an investment income generating property. These property types can include: multifamily, retail, office, self-storage, mixed-use, resort, hotel, motel, warehouse, mobile home parks and many more

At Yellow Fish,  we can successfully secure for you many different financing structures/terms and unique characteristics that many traditional banks simply can not and/or don’t offer. Our lending partners offer a diverse mix of commercial real estate loans to meet your individual borrowing needs and investment objectives for both investment and owner-occupied commercial properties, all at competitive market rates. For deals that make sense, we can also arrange hard money, bridge loans, mezzanine, subordinated seconds, lines of credit and even equity investment as is necessary. 

Contact us today to learn more about the commercial real estate loan solutions we can offer you!

Debt Restructuring Financing

Often companies that are in growth mode enter into multiple loan agreements to fund equipment needed to expand their businesses. These loans have different maturities and in most cases, the companies have built-in equity in the equipment. We can usually structure a new loan to pay off all of your lenders and refinance all of your equipment into one perfect loan. This can result in reduced payments of 30% or more, so your cash flow and bottom line can greatly improve.

For Example:
Maybe a manufacturing company has combined monthly payments of $30,000 per month showing a modest $12,000 a year in profits. We might be able to refinance all of their loans into one and reduce their monthly payments to $17,000 per month, increasing their net profits by a massive $156,000 per year!

Contact us today to see if we can do the same for your company

Business Acquisition or Merger Funding

The Yellow Fish Group can secure for you the financing necessary to acquire any business you want to buy. Best of all, as part of this service we will.....

  • Review your purchase price. We do this to determine if the purchase price can be supported based upon the cash flow of the acquired entity and to determine whether the purchase price is within the standards of the industry and can carry the debt requested.
  • Secure the Financing for the purchase of the company. We'll arrange your acquisition funding by leveraging the existing assets of the target company to the maximum amount based upon cash flows available, thus keeping your cash requirements to a minimum.
  • We may also arrange the equity necessary should there be a cash shortfall between the financing and the cash you are putting into the transaction.

Contact us today to see how we can help your get your acquisition deal successfully funded. 


Securities "Stock" Loans

Yes we can secure financing against your portfolio of securities. Have us use your portfolio of securities  to set up a line of credit of 70-90% of the portfolio value. You can use this line of credit as a true line of credit and you may borrow as much or as little as you want. You can also utilize the money for any purpose you want with no restrictions at all.

Best of all the repayment is interest only, with no principal payments. The rates are very low and approval is guaranteed, regardless of personal credit. We can usually approve your loan within 3-5 business days with no credit checks. There is also no sale of your stock and you'll receive all of the dividends. You can sell the stocks in your portfolio as long as you buy other stocks of equal value. Thus you keep complete control of your portfolio.


  • It's a Revolving line of credit
  • Both Floating and fixed rates are available
  • Secure Interest rates as low as 1.6% (variable only)
  • The Loan to values range from 70 -90%
  • Your Securities remain titled in your name
  • There is Limited documentation - It is not credit or income based
  • There is No prepayment penalty • With variable rate
  • The Dividends are paid directly to you
  • You will receive 100% of portfolio appreciation
  • There is a wide range of eligible securities
  • Foreign nationals with foreign securities accepted

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Our Simple 5 Step Loan Approval Process

Step 1. Email or call us with your loan scenario (just a basic summary and loan amount requested).

Step 2. Complete a loan application (we'll send you our form(s)

Step 3. If the loan looks doable, we'll ask you to sign our contingent fee agreement 

Step 4. Next, we'll get to work sourcing suitable funding and seek preliminary expressions of interest/term sheets from our lending partners.

Step 5. Finally, we'll communicate to you the feedback we've received from our lenders regarding your loan request and if you like what you see, you'll move forward with the best lender in completing their required final steps to finish processing, approving and funding your loan. Congratulations!! You're funded

How to Get Started

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