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The Yellow Fish Group is a niche construction & contractor focused M&A firm and investor located in Boulder Colorado. We offer specialized M&A services and commercial loans for contractors and construction related companies. YFG is actively seeking direct acquisitions and merger opportunities of quality small to medium size contractor businesses generating at least $500,000 dollars of annual revenue.  Our partners are also interested in making equity investments in lieu of a full buyout offer and can help with restructuring.

For Interested Business Sellers:
Our Acquisitions or Merger process is designed to be simple and highly confidential. To inquire whether we might be interested in making you an offer to purchase or invest or introducing your opportunity to a buyer/client, please email a basic summary of your business to the following email address:    jeremy [@]  Please feel free to keep any sensitive details private at this stage. Our managing principal Jeremy will get back to you within 24-48hrs. You may also call him direct at (720) 464-9106 to discuss. If he thinks that the business could be a good fit we'll execute an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with you and then schedule a phone, zoom or offsite meeting with you to discuss further how the deal can move forward. 

Helpful information for us to better understand your opportunity includes: business type, state located, # of employees, management structure, # of shareholders, years in business, annual revenues, ebitda, assets and debt summary and key employees that will stay on.

For Business Owners Seeking an Investor:
Our Investment process is identical to our business acquisition process except please include the following additional details: % of business desiring to sell, investment desired and use of funds. 

For Business Owners Seeking Financing:

Our Easy 5 Step Loan Approval Process:

Step 1. Email or call us with your loan scenario (just a basic summary and loan amount requested).

Step 2. Complete a loan application (we'll send you our form(s)

Step 3. If the loan looks doable, we'll ask you to sign our contingent fee agreement 

Step 4. Next, we'll get to work sourcing suitable funding and seek preliminary expressions of interest/term sheets from our lending partners.

Step 5. Finally, we'll communicate to you the feedback we've received from our lenders regarding your loan request and if you like what you see, you'll move forward with the best lender in completing their required final steps to finish processing, approving and funding your loan. Congratulations!! You're funded

Please visit our financing page for more information and funding options.

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