What's My Business Worth
Do you know what your Construction Business is Worth? Why not find out today... 

The first step in preparing your construction services or contractor business for sale is to understand and determine what buyers are likely to pay for your most valuable asset and how they are likely to arrive at that valuation so you can position your business in the best possible way.

At Yellow Fish Group, we will confidentially examine your business and provide you a realistic value range

Jeremy D Haster

Managing Partner

What You’ll Get During This Free Valuation Call

What You’ll Do Before the Call

I'll check out your website, research your niche and prepare some talking points before we chat so we can get right into what matters most- what's your business worth and how fast can it reasonably be sold!

What Happens During the Call

We'll have a brief 15min introductory conversation where we'll get a chance to meet each other, discuss your exit goals, answers any early questions you might have and give you a rough multiple estimate of what your business is likely to sell for. 

What Changes After the Call

Assuming our first conversation goes well, and we both feel this might be a good fit, the next step is to schedule a second conversation (usually 30min) to dive a little deeper into the details of your business, what an ideal exit outcome looks like to you, review our sales process and email you our contingent fee  agreement for your review and consideration. Once accepted we'll prepare a confidential business summary and schedule a first buyer introduction (if selling) or begin sourcing an acquisition target (if buying).

Jeremy Haster

Jeremy Haster is Managing Partner of the Yellow Fish Group. He is a business owner, investor and finance strategist with over 18 years of business experience. The Yellow Fish Group is actively seeking direct acquisition, investment or merger opportunities of contractor & construction related businesses nationwide and will consider other business types on a cases-by-case basis if the opportunity makes sense. If you're looking to exit or grow lets talk.

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